Appetizers & Party Trays

20 guest minimum please

BBQ Meatballs $2 per guest

Chicken Wings $2.50 per guest

Baked with lemon, garlic & cilantro

Stuffed Mushrooms $4.50 per guest

Parmesan, bacon, onion and cream cheese filling

Mini Quiche $2.50 per guest

Your choice of Lorraine or Vegetarian

Baked Brie (serves 15) $48 each

Warm Brie encased in flaky pastry filled with your choice of Port poached pears, artichoke heart & sun dried tomatoes, or pesto & sun dried tomatoes

Crab Cakes market price

Served with a Southwestern or garlic aioli

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders $3 per guest

Mini pulled pork sandwiches on soft potato rolls

Spreads & Dips

Spinach & Artichoke Heart $2 per guest
Hummus & Pita $2 per guest
Baba Ghanooj & Pita $3 per guest
Dungeness Crab salsa de Vega $6.95 per guest
Mexican layered hot dip $2.75 per guest

Meat & Cheese Tray

Selection of roasted ham, turkey, roast beef, served with cheddar, Swiss and
Provolone cheese.
Add bread & condiments $6.95 per guest
Add French bread and mustard $6.95 per guest
Meat & cheese only $3.95 per guest

Local & Imported Cheese market price

Selection of local and imported cheeses, served with crackers.

Gourmet Meat Platter $8.95 per guest

Roasted chicken breast, pork tenderloin, and bistro steak served with your choice of BBQ or creamy horseradish dipping sauce

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin $6.95 per guest

Pork tenderloin filled with sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach, and garlic Roasted to perfection. Served sliced and chilled.

Selection of Fresh Fruit $3.95 per guest

Selection of seasonal fresh fruit

Fruit and Cheese $7 per guest

A selection of seasonal fruits and domestic cheeses, served with crackers.

Cruditie' and Dip $4.95 per guest

Selection of seasonal vegetables served with bleu cheese or ranch dressing.

Slider Sandwiches

Turkey, ham and roast beef sandwiches on slider rolls.
Turkey and ham sliders $3.50 per guest
Roast beef sliders $4.50 per guest

Blackened Salmon market price

With Willie's special Cajun spices. Served chilled. Wild or Atlantic salmon available.

Poached Salmon market price

A beautiful presentation with capers, red onion and fresh lemon caper sauce. Served chilled. Wild or Atlantic salmon available.

Prawn Cocktail $36 per dozen

Chilled fresh jumbo prawns served with homemade cocktail sauce.

Seven layer Mexican Dip small $28, large $45

Layers of refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, cheddar cheese, tomato, olives, green onion. Served with fresh tortilla chips.

Hors D'ouvres Assortment $13 per guest

Assortment of Spanikopita, onion pouches, stuffed grape leaves, hummus, and
baba ghanooj, served with fresh pita bread.

Mezza Plate $19 per guest

An Authentic selection of Lebanese cuisine! grape leaves, fatoosh, tabouli, tomatoes, hummus, baba ghanooj, pickles and olives, served with pita bread.